Social Entrepreneurship

“We shouldn’t confuse what is habitual with what is normal.”


David Bornstein and Susan Davis teamed up to write Social Entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs to Know, which is a guide/ fact book for social changemakers.  Bornstein describes social entrepreneurship as, “a process by which citizens build or transform institutions to advance solutions to social problems, in order to make life better for many.” In order to be classified under social entrepreneurship, according to Bornstein, citizens must not be focused on financial gain but rather they should focus on the amount of change they are able to enact.David Bornstein

I really appreciated how the book doesn’t idealize being a social entrepreneur , and talks about all the time, effort, and energy it takes to cause change.  When it got to the part describing what social entrepreneurs were like, I was a little disappointed.  He starts off describing all the different forms a social entrepreneur can take, and then in the next paragraphs becomes eerily specific in his description.  It seems strange to say that, “Many social entrepreneurs can recall a time in childhood when they were actively encouraged by an adult to take initiative…”(pg. 26).  These specific “qualifications”  also seem to contradict the idea that social entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes.  It all became a bit confusing.  Because I didn’t have these unique childhood revelations, does that mean I’m incapable of being a social entrepreneur?!

I found the section on how social entrepreneurship related to government especially interesting, and I agree that both would benefit from working closely together.  I also really liked the part where Bornstein refers to social entrepreneurs as “creative combiners” (pg. 73) because they bring people and ideas together.


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