Nature Conservancy


The Nature Conservancy is a non-profit organization, that has branches around the world working to preserve important lands and bodies of water.  Mindy, a representative for the Pennsylvania branch of the Nature Conservancy, spoke to our class about how they use social media to help bring awareness to their cause.  She also offered suggestions for how we could use different social media outlets for our specific class projects.  The Nature Conservancy utilizes sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Youtube.  Mindy made a valid point, suggesting that in order to use sites effectively, a cause must actually have a need for the site.Nature Conservancy Flickr

For example, The Nature Conservancy has a Flickr site where users can view and share pictures of nature.  They host contests where users can enter and also vote for their favorite photos.  Not only does this site raise awareness and involvement in the Nature Conservancy, but it also gives them a huge photo database for free.  Members can also start discussions about the pictures they posted/ are interested in, and also about The Nature Conservancy itself.

Plant a Billion TreesThe Conservancy has also developed many creative fundraising strategies, rather than just asking for donations.  Along with celebrity endorsements, they have the Plant a Billion Trees campaign, the Adopt an Acre campaign, Adopt a Coral Reef, Restore the Gulf, and even a program where employees can raise funds and have their employers match what they raise.

Mindy was extremely helpful and had a lot of insight.  We were able to explain to her a little about our individual projects, and she offered specific tips for each one.


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