Usability Test

Use of Media:

  • Images: provides images and other media? There are both videos and images on the blog, except fashion week post, the video should be embedded rather than a link.
  • Site: If mentioning a site: provides link/screenshot/logo of site? There are links and screenshots of sites mentioned.
  • Video: If mentioning a video, embeds video?  All videos are embedded, except for fashion week video, which should be.
  • Links/urls: If mentioning a link, provides url? Urls are provided for links.
  • Citations: If mentioning a blog/blogger, provide trackback? N/A
  • Other Media: If mentioning a book, film, etc., provides link. (Author’s site, Amazon, IMDB, etc.) There are links to people/ terms that are not self-explanatory or well known.


  • Is the text in large intimidating chunks or is it scannable/skimmable?  Are long entries divided with subtitles or images? (22-23) There are a few long posts, such as the “Benny” post, the “Derrion Albert” post, and the “Doctor’s as Reporter’s” post.  The picture of Derrion Albert could be used to break up text.  The Doctor post is extremely long and has no media except for links, very un-skimmable.
  • Are long entries portioned out into clearly defined areas? (36-37)  Both the Doctor post and the Derrion Albert post need to be portioned out.  Other than that posts are pretty well organized.


  • Design: Does the overall design work for the site? (123-129) What strikes you about the site? (150)
  • Text/font: Is the text font, size, color clear and readable? The text color, font, size is very readable, and links appear in a contrasting color making them easier to spot.
  • Color: Is the use of color distracting? Complimentary? (165) The colors are muted but interesting. Coordinate well with the header.
  • Noise: Busyness? (38, 183-184) Is there too much going on? Can it be minimized? Background noise? (38-39) Can it be minimized? There isn’t really background noise, or too much going on.
  • Do entries contain needless words? (45-49) Some entries are wordy, and could definitely be streamlined without losing content.
  • Is site navigation obvious? (54-63) Does it rely on conventions? (51, 54-63) Site navigation is easy and user-friendly, mostly because there isn’t much to navigate.
  • Blog Title and Tagline: is tagline descriptive or engaging?  (14, 101- 106) Tagline is descriptive, but title doesn’t seem relevant to over-all purpose of the blog.
  • About Section: Is the blog concept clear? (101, 144 & 156) Do you understand the purpose of the site, do you “Get it?” Please see “happy talk” section, too. (46) The blog concept is made clear in the About section, but there isn’t much info about the author.
  • Structure/Organization: Amateurish vs. Professional: (Is the site sloppy or neat and clear? Disorganized or organized? Professional or unprofessional?
  • (165 166) The site is neat, clear, and organized, but does appear unprofessional. I am still learning how to use the site/ tools, so it’s a work in progress.
  • Accessibility: Is appropriate “alt text” added to every image? (179)  Alt text is added to images in newer posts, but posts from last semester need to be updated.

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