Real World Design Lesson

In class we’ve been reading Presentation Zen Design which talks about how important images, fonts, colors, and placement are when conveying ideas and meanings.  Tonight my roommate and I were looking at menus online, trying to decide where to have dinner.  We stumbled upon Sam’s Grill in Wynnewood, PA.  The menu sounded absolutely delicious, but the website was less than appealing.Dull WebsiteMy first step would be to change the background color of the website.  The yellow coloring with black font reminds me of a caution sign, which I’m sure is not the vibe Sam’s is going for.  Next I would redesign the logo.  It isn’t memorable, nor does it have anything to do with food.  They could use a picture of their building, or use the picture of grilling at the bottom of the website for their logo.  One possible redesign could be:

New Logo

Next I would focus on making the website look more professional and organized. Also the font is overlapping the links on the homepage making the website look even more sloppy and unprofessional, and in turn making the restaurant itself appear less credible.


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