New Campus Perspective

Art Building

Boland Hall is one place I have never been on campus.  Maybe it’s because it’s all the way on Lapsley Lane, or possibly because I severely lack artistic ability.  Either way I am now inspired to be an artist.

View from OutsideYou can’t miss Boland Hall, with the wooden art structures on the lawn, and its bright red front door.  Walking inside, I realized it is actually much larger than I thought.  The building itself is perfect for the Art program, with its ornate woodwork, stained-glass windows, beautiful staircase and dark hardwood floors.  Boland has classrooms, art studios, storage closets, and offices.  It also has some unique amenities such as a kitchen, complete with refrigerator and microwave.

The front room students walk into is set up like a gallery, complete with accent lighting and students’ pieces on display. Directly center is the staircase leading to the second and thirdfloors.  To the left is the only ordinary classrooms, with desks and a whiteboard.  The stairs to thePaint Studiosecond floor as well as the second floor balcony were draped with braided ribbon chains in pink and orange hues.  The second floor was all kinds of studios: painting, sculpting, and there werealso pottery studios on the first floor.  Moving on to the third floor, there were a few offices but the most intriguing thing I found was the photography center.  Not only can students develop and edit pictures here, but they can also borrow cameras and other equipment.  The photo lab also has what appeared to be a photo booth and a high-tech developing machine.  Boland Hall is a very unique building, which dabbles in many different artistic venues.  It is a great resource not just for Art majors, but also for students who would like to know more about pottery, or learn toPhotograph Developing Machinemake ceramics, or who want to learn more about how to take a good picture.

Visiting Boland Hall has inspired me to take an art class, because it seems that anyone at any artistic level is welcome and can learn there.


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