DIY Welcome Baby Basket

Gift baskets have become my new obsession.  They’re a creative and thoughtful way to celebrate any occasion.  There are plenty of sites out there that sell pre-made gift baskets, but making your own is not only more cost-effective but it is infinitely more personal.

A family friend recently gave birth to a little girl, so I created this basket of goodies to welcome little Jane into the world.  First I purchased an adorable hamper that would serve as my “gift bag” and also repurpose to hold toys, diapers, etc. in the baby nursery.  To the basket I added:  light-weight swaddling blankets, bibs, hair accessories, a couple cute outfits and velvet baby hangers.


Here are a few suggestions to get you started on your own basket:

  • A basket, obviously! I love this Pottery Barn Pink Harper Chevron Pop Up Tote.
  • These aden + anais Bamboo Muslin Swaddlers are so light and comfy.
  • Velvet hangers ensure tiny outfits won’t slip.

Cruising the Mediterranean

For the next two weeks I will be cruising the coasts of France, Italy and Spain in style. One of my closest girlfriends has organized the trip for five of us to celebrate our college graduations.

The first week finds us boarding a private yacht in Nice, France.  We’ve already created a tentative itinerary but once we embark we are able to choose each destination as we travel.  Our floating mansion is called Desamis B and she boasts five luxurious cabins, fully stocked bars, lounging decks, a hot tub and a full staff including a world class chef to attend to our every need.  If I don’t make it back it’s not because I’m lost at sea, but rather because I will have discovered my permanent home on Desamis.

If we somehow manage to leave this beautiful yacht our second week will find us filing up the gangplank of the Regent Seven Seas Mariner, a boutique cruise ship catering to a mere 700 guests.

Obviously the cruise ship has a set itinerary so I can safely say we will be visiting the following cities:

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Marseille (Provence), France
  • St. Tropez, France
  • Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • Florence, Italy
  • Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy
  • Sorrento/ Capri, Italy
  • Rome, Italy

Royal Wedding

What I wouldn’t give to have been at the Royal Wedding! First of all because I’m obsessed with Kate Middleton:

  • She’s gorgeous
  • Fashionable
  • Charitable
  • British
  • ummm and now she’s a PRINCESS
Basically she’s perfect, and she was the perfect bride in her Alexander McQueen gown. She even had a princess fairy tale wedding, and said her vows in Westminster Abbey, which is by far my favorite church I’ve ever been too.



We were only in Toledo for one day, since its a 30 minutes train ride in Madrid. Yet somehow, my mother managed to shop for and buy an “authentic” 200 Euro sword, and still get us to every major attraction in Toledo.

Oh and it torrentially downpoured, and the entire city is built into a hill so you’re constantly hiking up tiny, windy cobblestone was a BLAST!

It actually was very beautiful and interesting, despite the rain. Toledo was also the birthplace of the famous artist El Greco so they had a ton of his work scattered in museums and churches across the city.


Barcelona was ahhhhmazing, and visiting made me realize that I should have studied abroad there. It’s the best mix of old and new, modern and classic, beach and city.

Also the food was 10x better than Madrid, and they had so many American and Italian made me so happy 🙂

My favorite restaurant was Morelia, which we stumbled upon by accident.


Ah the eternal city!

Basically all I did was drink wine, eat pizza, sightsee, eat pizza, get gelato 20 times, eat pizza.

OH, and pretend I was Audrey Hepburn from Roman Holiday. Obviously I’ve been dying to go to Rome ever since I saw the movie when I was little and needless to say it didn’t disappoint.

Although I didn’t meet a Mr. Bradley or have a handsome man drive me around on the back of his vespa, I was enchanted by Rome, and I will definitely be back. I have so much to say about Italia, but I’m writing a paper about my Audrey Hepburn tour of Rome and plan on posting it soon.

Stay tuned…


Heavenly, isn’t it?
Malaga was our first attempt at a beach weekend besides the Canary Islands. I say “attempt” because we obviously failed miserably..again.

The weather was amazing the first day, so we dropped our stuff at the hostel and went to the beach. Since we were exhausted from our 7 hour overnight bus ride, we all passed out on the beach.  Of course when we woke up a few hours later, Kim and Irene were literally lobsters.

We thought their burns would calm down over night..we were wrong. We couldn’t go to the beach for the rest of the weekend and Kim had to wear pants and long sleeves the entire time.

Can you guess which one is Kim?

Then we thought it would be a fun idea to take a day trip to Marbella, which is supposed to be the wealthy beach town and yacht port. Because of extenuating circumstances (see next post) we spent a few hours in the bus station and barely got to see the town.  It was really pretty, but in not worth the trip.

I’m NOT a Waste of Life!!!

I’ve been super stressed applying for internships and figuring out what to do with my life.  I sent out at least 15 different cover letters and resumes, and was freaked out by how few responses I received, so I sent out another 20 applications.  I’ve had a couple interviews, and a few offers, and now


I’m going to be working for Haute Living Magazine in NYC three days a week writing, editing, blogging, and interviewing, and I can’t wait. They cover celebrities, influential people, travel, food, fashion, sports, basically everything so I get to dabble in all sorts of writing. My official letter of acceptance was emailed today, and the position was cleared with SJU so I will be getting credit for it.