About Me


Hi guys! I’m Ashley and my blog is a random mix of portfolio and writing samples as well as my thoughts and posts on Fashion, Food, Frolics, and Fun.

Fashion: As a young girl I was completely obsessed with clothing and fashion, and that passion has only grown stronger.  Soon after, I discovered my love for writing: fiction, journaling, random thoughts, papers; it didn’t really matter to me as long as I was writing.  Friends began to ask for help editing their papers, and spicing up their vocabulary.  I then realized that I could combine these two passions and decided my career goal is to be a Fashion Editor.

Food: Cooking and baking are a release for me, and I am continuously trying new recipes and foods.  I watch the food network religiously to the point that I actually believe I am friends with Giada and Ina.  Here’s the catch: I’m also the world’s pickiest eater.  I think I was probably meant to be a vegetarian, but I’m still holding out because I do love chicken and turkey.  I don’t eat seafood, shellfish or red meat..although occasionally I will have salmon or tuna just because I know they’re incredibly healthy.

Frolic: I love the fast-paced lifestyle of a city, whether I’m in New York City, or Philadelphia, I look forward to discovering all it has to offer me. I spent the Spring semester of 2011 in Madrid, Spain where I explored even more Fashion, and Food and frolicked all over Spain and numerous other places in Europe!


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hey I absolutley love the content and “tag line” of your blog. That was the type of blog I wanted to write originally but I could not summarize it as fabulously as you did. I will most certainly be reading your posts in the future, they are very interesting. I also see you love Perez who I follow religiously so I know you have a great model for your blog haha : )

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