Digital Media Consumption


Woke up and checked phone for messages/ emails

Read through emails

Went on Asos and Zara on iPhone

Checked Twitter and Facebook

Looked at Daily Deals for Groupon and Living Social






SJU Careers

Text from Lord and Taylor about a Sale

Went on

Itunes/ YouTube Whitney Houston



Kayak app to look up flights

WebMD baby app

Instagram/ posted

Facebook/ posted


Checked emails



Pinterest/ repinned



Blog in Review

Student name: Ashley Butler

Blog title: “Words of Wisdon’t”

Blog tagline: “Thoughts on Fashion, Food, Frolics, and Fun”

Blog header:  a picture that captures all of my blog’s purposes in one. It gives the reader insight into what the blog is about and is also aesthetically pleasing.

Blog purpose/mission:  To talk about food, fashion, travels and any combination of the three.

Ideal audience: probably females, but anyone interested in fashion and food and travel.

Blogroll (blogs you read/follow): Coco Perez; Cosmopolitan; Perez Hilton; Seventeen Magazine; The Zoe Report

Sidebar/widgets: Category Cloud; Blogroll; Archives; Calendar; Recent Posts

Blog Tags: I’m not as on top of tags as I should be and although I make sure to categorize my posts, I don’t always add tags.

Blog Categories: Com. Ethics; Com. Theory; Fashion; Food; Frolics; Fun; Intro Journalism; Lists; Social Media

Obama Releases a “Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights”

This morning on NPR I heard about a new piece of legislation released by the Obama administration entitled:

Consumer Data Privacy In a Networked World: A Framework for Protecting Privacy and Promoting Innovation in The Global Digital Economy

President Obama is trying to establish a framework to encourage voluntary standards on privacy rights.

The bill focuses on:

  • Individual Control
  • Transparency
  • Respect for Context- data should specifically be used in the context that it was collected and not for other purposes
  • Security
  • Access and Accuracy-individuals should be able to access/ correct their personal data
  • Focused Collection- meaning companies are limited on the data they collect and retain
  • Accountability