Cinco de Mayo!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Hope your day is going better than mine: I had two finals today and more tomorrow!

Wish I was doing:

Instead I am doing:


Pillsbury Cookie Dough

For my International Business class we had to develop a business plan to introduce a new product to the Spanish market. My group decided to do ready-to-bake cookie dough, which Spain does not have! They also don’t really have chocolate chip cookies at all, except at Starbucks. Great idea right? Yumm I want some right now..but anyway, here’s our powerpoint:

Cookie Presentation

Do you think it could work?


..or at least that’s where I was supposed to be this weekend!

Thankfully, my friends and I were just too tired from our almost constant traveling. On Thursday night, the night before we would have flown to Morocco, I got an email from my Dad with the subject: “Not a Safe Place to Go”¬†and I open it to find this link.

Now before I explain the link, let me just clarify that my Dad didn’t write anything else. No “Hi only daughter” or “I’m so happy you didn’t go to Morocco”, just the subject and the link.

Cryptic Dad, Thanks..

Basically the article said that a bomb had gone off in a cafe in¬†Marrakech, Morocco and killed 15 innocent people, and injured 22. It also said that most victims were tourists. It’s so horrible, and scary to think that it could have been me!!

So yeah, guess it’s not the best time to be sightseeing in Morocco.