Royal Wedding

What I wouldn’t give to have been at the Royal Wedding! First of all because I’m obsessed with Kate Middleton:

  • She’s gorgeous
  • Fashionable
  • Charitable
  • British
  • ummm and now she’s a PRINCESS
Basically she’s perfect, and she was the perfect bride in her Alexander McQueen gown. She even had a princess fairy tale wedding, and said her vows in Westminster Abbey, which is by far my favorite church I’ve ever been too.



Peanut M&Ms

For some strange reason, Spainards HATE Peanut Butter, but are OBSESSED with Nutella..


I hate Nutella and am obsessed with Peanut Butter..go figure

But anyway my new favorite “Peanut Butter” fix is peanut M&Ms. Normally at home I don’t really consider them a substitute but here I’m desperate. And Spain is a pretty big produce of peanuts and their peanuts are really good! Again..why don’t they like Peanut Butter?

My First and LAST bullfight

I lasted all of FIVE minutes.

My Dad thought it would be cool to go to a bullfight in Spain, and Madrid has them every Sunday, including Easter.  After realizing you could buy tickets for as cheap as 8 euros, he figured we could try it out and if we left, it’s not like he spent a ton of money on it.  His exact words were:

“I just want to go to say I went. How many people can say they’ve been to a bullfight in Spain?”

It was horrible. Twenty or so “fighters” against one bull, taunting him, tiring him, and wounding him, so that eventually the “champion” matador could come out and fight the bull.  I didn’t even last long enough to see the matador come out.

Besides the fact that they were torturing an animal for pure entertainment and enjoyment, it wasn’t even close to a fair fight.  Maybe it would have been less unsettling to me if it was just one man against the one bull…

but probably not.


We were only in Toledo for one day, since its a 30 minutes train ride in Madrid. Yet somehow, my mother managed to shop for and buy an “authentic” 200 Euro sword, and still get us to every major attraction in Toledo.

Oh and it torrentially downpoured, and the entire city is built into a hill so you’re constantly hiking up tiny, windy cobblestone was a BLAST!

It actually was very beautiful and interesting, despite the rain. Toledo was also the birthplace of the famous artist El Greco so they had a ton of his work scattered in museums and churches across the city.


or Sevilla as the Spanish call it!

I loved Seville. The Castle was breathtaking, the Cathedral was massive, but the Semana Santa processions got old pretty quickly.  Everything was crowded and congested and it was so difficult to navigate. Although in the beginning they were really cool to watch, and we could even watch them from our hotel balcony.

Here’s a picture of some of the castle (or Alcazar as they call it) gardens. They were stunning:


Barcelona was ahhhhmazing, and visiting made me realize that I should have studied abroad there. It’s the best mix of old and new, modern and classic, beach and city.

Also the food was 10x better than Madrid, and they had so many American and Italian made me so happy 🙂

My favorite restaurant was Morelia, which we stumbled upon by accident.


Ah the eternal city!

Basically all I did was drink wine, eat pizza, sightsee, eat pizza, get gelato 20 times, eat pizza.

OH, and pretend I was Audrey Hepburn from Roman Holiday. Obviously I’ve been dying to go to Rome ever since I saw the movie when I was little and needless to say it didn’t disappoint.

Although I didn’t meet a Mr. Bradley or have a handsome man drive me around on the back of his vespa, I was enchanted by Rome, and I will definitely be back. I have so much to say about Italia, but I’m writing a paper about my Audrey Hepburn tour of Rome and plan on posting it soon.

Stay tuned…

Obsessed with OPI

I’m pretty OCD about painted nails and since Spain isn’t so big on manicures, I’ve been stuck painting my own. Since I only brought a few bottles with me to Madrid, and I haven’t been able to find OPI sold anywhere, I had my Mom mail me a couple of bottles.

Obviously my favorite broke during shipping, so I’m writing this post in memory of the perfect spring color:

Over the Taupe

OPI over the taupeYou can buy it on Amazon here.

Dumb Dumb

My roommate Irene left her camera and her Blackberry on the bus home from Malaga, and obviously realized it as soon as we got off the bus! We tried to talk to “customer service” but the people were so unhelpful and acted like we were a huge inconvenience. Kind of ironic considering they are supposed to serve the needs of customers, so helping us IS their job.

Needless to say both the Camera and BB are lost, even though we looked up the phone number for the next stop and asked the bus driver to check..