la la la LONDON

Ello mates! Today I headed into London for the day.  Since I’ve already been there, I didn’t really feel the need to be too touristy!

Our first stop was the Natural History Museum. It’s an amazing museum on its own, but we went especially to see the Wildlife Photographer of Year exhibit. The pictures are amazing, and there are even submissions in a Young category  featuring photographers aged 17 and under.

We then decided to walk around Hyde Park.  It’s a beautiful park with tons of statues, including the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain.

After strolling through the park, I headed to Notting Hill to visit friends who are studying inLondon.  We went to dinner at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, or GBK a delicious restaurant with tons of funky burgers or you can make your own.  I had to try the Chicken, Bacon, Avacado burger and it was fantastic! I mean look at it:

Then we headed out to a pub called the Champion where i was introduced to the Snake Bite which is a mix of lager, cider, and a shot of black currant cordial. yum.

Overall it was a fantastic day, and I hate to see it end.

See you soon London!!


Proper English Roast

Nothing says British Heritage like a sunday roast dinner.  My lovely Auntie Norma cooked a feast today fit for the Queen herself.

She prepared roast lamb with mint jelly, roasted potatoes, green beans, peas, and cooked carrots smothered in gravy.  Of course she didn’t forget the traditional English trifle, a custard and fruit dessert that is to die for!

One of my favorite parts of Sunday roast dinners, or big family holidays will always be the After Eight mints.  It’s such a refreshing, light chocolate to have after a massive, heavy meal.

Needless to say I am currently in heaven, drifting off into a food coma! Catch you later Blokes!

Baby Sleeping Bags

Yes, you read right! Baby sleeping bags are all the rage in Europe right now. Uhh maybe because they are GENIUS?!  The Gro Company, based in the UK, manufactures what they call the Grobag.  The bags have been tested and proven not only safe, but also more effective than normal baby blankets.  A Grobag is basically like overalls with one pant that zips around both the legs and feet, creating a sleeping bag that moves with baby:

The Gro Company has also created a line of travel Grobags that have a velcro opening in the back to fit a car seat buckle through.  Plus there are two zippers on the front: one that zips down, and one that zips up to make sure the Grobag stays closed and cozy around baby:

Is it sad that I now want a baby ASAP just to buy cool accessories like this?

Hotel Chocolat

Since I’m studying in Madrid for the semester, I obviously had to visit England to see my family. My first stop was Brighton to see my cousin, her husband, and Lucy their adorable 15-month-old little girl.

Today my cousin took me on a tour of Brighton, and of course we would up at The Lanes, a beautiful collection of old streets filled with all kinds of pubs and shopping.  Whether you’re looking for a new Cartier watch or a cute cardigan from one of the many boutiques The Lanes has everything. Including a Hotel Chocolat!As I’m surrounded by British pubs, cobblestone streets, and beautiful old building, I can’t help but be drawn to the most touristy place.  What can I say? I love chocolate or should I say Chocolat?

Ripped Tights

I know I mentioned a while back the trend of denim shorts over tights.  I’d like to clarify that in my humble opinion, ripped tights are NEVER ok!  No one thinks it’s cute, especially if you’re doing it on purpose cough cough Taylor Momsen.  Not only does it look trashy and cheap, but it’s so distracting from a potentially cute outfit.

Patterned tights are adorable and can spice up a plain outfit. These tights from Forever21 are a good, inexpensive option:

So next time you pull out a pair of tights, check for holes before wearing.  They’re probably one of the cheapest accessories you can buy, so go ahead..splurge for a new pair!!